Who Writes This?

Kwin Peterson, the writer of Abundantly Provided
Kwin is more qualified to eat food than to store it.

I’m Kwin—a 49 year-old guy who was named after a radio station and lives in Holladay, Utah with his wife and two children.

I appear to be a good candidate to write about emergency preparedness. I’m a diligent neighborhood block captain and a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). As someone who rides a bike to work everyday, I’m transportationaly self-sufficient, and I donate blood often. But appearances can be deceiving. The truth is I’m only a block captain because the assignment was given to me at church and I try to never say “no” to a church assignment.

Ditto for my CERT training.

Ditto for blood donations.

Oh, and I started biking to work because I wanted to stop paying for a monthly bus pass.

The truth is, I have no business writing about preparedness. My food storage consists of a couple of 20 year-old buckets of hard red wheat and eight #10 cans of potato flakes from a church-sponsored preparedness fair. I’m probably most valuable as a cautionary tale.

But at the end of 2016, I began to be seriously troubled by the fact that I am totally unprepared for any emergency—personal or community—and that if anything bad happened, my CERT-issue hard hat and hi-viz vest would not keep me from just being a burden. I knew that 2017 had to be the year the Petersons become prepared…

But how? Googling “Emergency Preparedness” opened a browser window into a world where people appear almost anxious to shoot each other over powdered milk. Where civilization is given short odds, ugliness dominates and camo is the dominant fashion. That’s a world I don’t believe in and am not willing to prepare to live for.

Here’s what I believe:

  • The course of human progression will continue upward and the resilience of civilization should not be discounted.
  • The world has never been more open, free, and abundant as it is now and that seeing only the worst is understandable, but unjustified. “The earth is full and there is enough and to spare.”
  • When bad times come, we don’t have to default to “every man for himself.” Especially for those of us fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood of believers. We can continue to live Christian lives.
  • That God is at the helm and that He cares for His children under all circumstances. “All things work together for good.”

Abundantly Provided is the emergency preparation site that I wanted to find but couldn’t. It’s a site that I’m not qualified to write, but will…with a lot of help from those who know what they are talking about. And it’s a site where I will document my journey from an expired bucket of wheat to preparedness for personal and community trials.

You are welcome to come along and I welcome your advice, guidance, and criticism. If you think you’ll enjoy reading more about positive preparation, subscribe below to stay updated.