Emergency preparation is an admirable, worthwhile, and necessary activity. Unfortunately, the once excellent term ‘prepper’ has been captured by reality TV producers, mockers, and doomsayers.

There’s no use trying to redeem the word ‘prepper’ (let alone, ‘survivalist’), so let the crazies and the mockers have it. This site focuses on what emergency preparation is really about—providing: for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Consider the word, ‘providing’ and some of the words related to it—

  • Provide means ‘to make available for use,’ or ‘to make adequate preparation for some possible event.’ It comes from a Latin word that means ‘to foresee.’
  • Provision is closely related and means ‘the state of being prepared’ or ‘a stock of needed supplies.’
  • Provident comes from the same Latin root and means ‘careful planning for the future.’ For Christians, the word is associated with God and denotes His knowledge of the future and how He prepares what His children need.

This is a site for providers.

Providers believe in abundance over scarcity. What’s the difference?

Scarcity says, “There is not enough, and when things go wrong there will be even less.”
Abundance says, “There is so much now that things are going to waste, and when times are hard we can still have enough.”

Scarcity says, “I need to compete with others to survive.”
Abundance says, “When I cooperate with others we all have more.”

Scarcity says, “Everyone acts in their own self interest.”
Abundance says, “Most people genuinely want to help.”

Scarcity is scared, unhappy, unhelpful, and unsatisfied.
Abundance is confident, happy, helpful, and full.

Scarcity shrinks.
Abundance grows.

Scarcity is tribe and individual.
Abundance is community and world.

Abundantly Provided is about the resources, advice, and philosophy that will help you prepare for emergencies in a healthy, optimistic, and productive way.